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Enrollment Terms

It is important to become familiar with the following terms.

Credit Hour - Unit of credit given for a course that meets for one hour per week for 15 weeks or 750 minutes.

Semester - A 16 week period with 15 weeks being delivery of course content and 1 week of finals. There are 2 semesters and one 8-week summer term per calendar year. Exact dates are available on academic calendar.

Full time course load - consists of a minimum of 12 credit hours while 15-16 is the norm for those not working in outside employment. The maximum load is 18 credit hours without special permission from the Deans.

Homework - you can expect to spend 2 hours per week for each credit hour you are enrolled. If you work full-time, you may not want to enroll in full time course load.

Drop/Add - is a short period that classes may be dropped or added, click course schedule. For current dates click enrollment information for current semester

Withdrawals - after drop/add period,without penalty students can withdraw from a course until the published withdrawal date. If you are unable to continue attending, you should notify your instructor about withdrawing from the course in order to avoid an "F" in the course.

Syllabus - is a detailed course outline with course description, competencies, teaching methods, and course requirements outlined.

Class schedule - List of courses detailing date, time, room, and instructor from which a student may choose their own individual schedule.

Disbursement - The day that your bank has been asked by Financial Aid office to send your loan funds to the college. The KCKCC Business Office will mail your funds to you within 13 days after the dispersement date.

Pre-requisite - Course needed to be completed before taking the next course in the sequence.

Residency - Residency Requirements

Delivery Methods of Courses
Computer assisted
Web enhanced
Competency based
Traditional lecture