Welcome to the Student Advising Center

The staff of the Student Advising Center is available to assist students with planning and achieving personal, career, and academic goals.

Advisors and Counselors help students with educational objectives such as deciding on a major, understanding KCKCC degree requirements, planning a KCKCC degree program, preparing to transfer to a four-year institution, and course selection and transferability.

Our professional Advisors and Counselors provide a safe and caring environment to discuss personal concerns. They utilize an interactive student-centered approach which respects the dignity, worth, and culture of each individual.

Additional services include: official degree checks for students who have a minimum of 45 credit hours; assistance for new and transfer students; academic advising and success strategies for student on academic or financial aid probation or exclusion and assistance with stress and test anxiety.


Students in career programs are assigned a faculty to serve as their academic advisor while enrolled at the College. Academic advisors are assigned according to the major declared on the student's application for admission. Any student who has not completed 30 credits must enroll in the Student Advising Center.

Students are responsible for making appointments with their advisors and meeting with them to develop a degree program while at KCKCC. Academic advisors also assist students in locating information about course prerequisites, transferability of courses and the sequence in which courses should be taken.

Transfer and visiting students 

Placement scores and previous college transcripts are need to advise all students.  Prior to meeting with an advisor please make sure the following requirements have been met:

  •  If you completed a placement test at another college or university, please have your placement scores sent to the Academic Resource Center.  Contact the placement coordinator at (913) 288-7171 for more information.
  • Make sure your official transcripts from your previous college or university are sent to the Admissions and Records office, or bring a student copy of the transcript with you for advising

In planning course schedules, students should keep in mind:

  • their career goals
  • graduation requirements at KCKCC
  • graduation requirements at the four-year college or university they plan to attend.

Final responsibility for planning a degree program rests with the student.

Students who intend to continue their studies beyond the community college level should select their courses to meet the requirements of the department and institution from which they expect to receive their bachelor's degree.

All KCKCC degree-seeking students are required to complete 6 credit hours in English Composition (in some programs Technical Writing is a substitute for three of these hours) and 3 credit hours in Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communications. In addition, students should take into consideration their jobs and family responsibilities when planning their schedules so that library and study time are not the least of their considerations. A good rule of thumb is 2-3 hours of study time per week for every credit hour.

Make an Appointment with your Advisor

First Time/Returning Students Main Campus and LVPCC
First time or returning KCKCC students studying at the main campus should call the Student Advising Center at 913-288-7696 to make an appointment to see an advisor.

Students studying at the Leavenworth - KCKCC Pioneer Career Center should call 913-288-7750.

Current Students
Current students, please log into WebAdvisor for advisor information.
Online Students
First time or returning KCKCC students taking online/distance courses should contact Marshall Jackson at 913-288-7167 to receive remote advising support. You may also schedule a distance meeting with the online advisor for a later date.

Online Classes Advising/Enrollment Form 

Technical Education Center
Students at the Technical Education Center, contact Counselor Scott Smith at 913-288-7810.

Credit Transfer Equivalency Systems

The following links may help you in picking courses at KCKCC that will transfer to select colleges and universities. Keep in mind these transfer equivalency systems are provided as a guide. The fact that a course appears in the list is not an explicit guarantee that the course will transfer. For example, because the school accepts CHEM 109 does not mean that it accepts CHEM 109 in the Chemistry program. Many of these sites are updated frequently while others may not be as up-to-date. Whenever you are in doubt about how a course will transfer, it is recommended that you contact the college or university.

* These colleges do not have course equivalency systems. They do, however, list what the student needs to do to find out IF and HOW a course will transfer.

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday -
8:00 am - 6:30 pm

Friday - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Monday -Thursday - 7:30 am- 6:00pm

Friday - CLOSED

Course Selection and Degree Requirements

Course Selection Once you have made application and completed the placement test, it is recommended that you consult with an academic advisor, counselor, or program coordinator to seek advice with planning your schedule.

Degree Requirements

Students are responsible for making appointments with an Advisor or Counselor to develop a degree program while at KCKCC. Our professional staff can assist students with planning and achieving educational and career objectives, locating information about course prerequisites, transferability of courses, the sequence in which courses should be taken, and refer students interested in Career Programs (Associate in Applied Science degrees) to the appropriate program coordinator.
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Helpful Links

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General Advising Website
The Homepage of the National Academic Advising Association. This is an excellent resource for basic advising information such as academic and career counseling, advising guides and manuals, colleges and universities, graduate school information and much more.

The above links will provide you with enough information that you probably won't need any of the resources below! However, just in case, many more links are listed below that might be helpful.

Career Resources, Employment and Occupation Information
This site was designed by San Francisco Bay Area Public Libraries to serve northern California; however, the site is also helpful to those located in other parts of the world. It provides basic information regarding:
Career guides
Salary information
Best jobs for the future
Where to find the best jobs
Job outlook in brief
Career planning basic information
This site is the Occupational Outlook Handbook presented by the Department of Labor. Information includes career description, places of employment, related occupations, required training and qualifications, salary range, and future job outlook for the career.
This site provides links for ordering Bureau of Labor Statistics publications including Monthly Labor Review Online and Occupational Outlook Handbook Quarterly articles.
This site provides many occupational profiles and related web links.
Check out the links for choosing and planning for a career.
This site is the first and most popular career service network for college students. This free service serves over 950 colleges and universities. Provides employment opportunities available across the United States.
This site is an excellent source for general career planning information and some specific career areas.
This site is a job bank link to 2000 state employment service offices with private and public listings; offers many links to current employment opportunities and job fairs.
This site offers 33 areas in the career search process including career planning, popular/declining fields, cover letters, resumes, getting the job, and other links.
This site offers job sites and opportunities. It offers various employment services for employees and employers.
This site is a leading global online network for careers. Includes information regarding resume management, job search, chats and message boards.


Financial Aid Information
Free access to the College Aid Sources for Higher Education (CASHE) database. Contains listing of numerous private sector awards from over 3,600 sponsors. SallieMae's Online Scholarship Service.
Hope Scholarship Guidance and explanation of the new HOPE scholarship tax credit and the Lifetime Learning tax credit. Review all of the higher education tax incentives which are part of the Tax Relief Act of 1997.,,325_496,00.html
This site explains the different types of student loans and provides additional resources on understanding the loan process.
This site is an interactive Web version of the free application for Federal Student Aid.
Rich offerings on everything from scam alerts to scholarship services.
This site allows the user to perform a free web scholarship search and learn more about local and financial aid.
An excellent site sponsored by the Department of Education to provide information on a variety of financial aid topics

College Information
This site provides free advice on any question you have about college.
College search based on location, enrollment and tuition. Results given by "At-A-Glance" pages. Includes law schools, MBA programs, medical schools, schools of osteopathic medicine.
This is one of the most detailed search engines on the Net, with wide-ranging criteria that includes diversity, field of study, religious affiliation, athletics, and services for disabled students.
This site provides links to historically black colleges and universities.
This site provides links to two and four year colleges and a search feature that identifies which colleges have a desired major. Some information on college choice and financial aid. Good general advising information about a wide array of topics.
College information including a search for colleges by name, region, state. Very complete information on financial aid. Choosing a college, PSAT, SAT, and ACT and top ranked colleges are only a few of topics discussed. Includes a discussion of pros/cons of graduate school and graduate admissions tests. This web site is sponsored by the Princeton Review, the nation’s most popular standardized test preparation company.
Links to other universities and community colleges in the U.S.


Student Assessment and Support

These sites provide a glossary of common college terms
NACADA Technology home page includes information regarding advising special populations, distance learning, honors students, and minority students.
70 question personality preference assessment. Helpful to counseling professions in advising activities and 36 question character sorter.
This site provides virtual self-help pamphlets on a variety of topics ranging from test-taking strategies and time-management to substance abuse and eating disorders.
This site has links to other websites that provide tips to help manage your time, take better notes, and study more effectively. You can also explore your learning style and some excellent general academic success sites.

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