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Concurrent/Dual Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

These are classes at a high school at which approved high school teachers teach college credit during the normal school day. (KBOR 8b 1i)

Dual Enrollment

Classes in which the high school student travels to the college campus to take courses prior to graduation during the academic year or in summer (KBOR 8b 1 vii)

Classes in which college faculty travel to the high school to teach separate courses to the high school students (KBOR 8b vii)

Concurrent/Dual Enrollment Dates & Deadlines

4.1.2014 WebAdvisor is open for enrollment.
8.5.2014 Application, testing, and permission for concurrent/dual forms are due.
8.6 - 8.12.2014 WebAdvisor is closed for enrollment.
8.13.2014 WebAdvisor is re-opened for enrollment.
8.18.2014 Deadline for enrollment.
8.20.2014 Last day for add/drops.
Any student needing to add or drop classes MUST fill out paper form and return to Mary Kobe Peterson by 8-20 -2014.
WebAdvisor will not allow the student to drop at 100% refund.
Any student that wishes to add must also submit a form.
11.19.2014 Last day to withdraw from class.

Steps to Enrollment

Class Offered

Bonner Springs

ENGL 0101-304 Comp 1
ENGL 0101-305 Comp 1
HIST 0104-305 US History to 1877

J.C. Harmon

HIST 0104-112 U.S. History to 1877
BIOL 0121-112 General Biology & Lab
BIOLO105 -112 Introduction to Biotechnology
HUDV 0101-312 Strategies for Success
PSYC 0101-312 Psychology
SPCH-01510312 Public Speaking
LANG 0101-312 French
MATH 0120-312 Calculus


ENGL 0101-102 Composition I
SPCH 0151-302 Public Speaking
SPCH 0151-302 Public Speaking
SOSC 0107- 302 Sociology
PSYC 0101-302 Psychology
BIOL 0121-302 Biology

Pleasant Ridge

ENGL 0101-118 Composition I


ENGL 0101-316 Comp I
ENGL 0101-317 Comp I
POSC 0111-316 American Government
HUDV 0101-316 Strategies for Academic Excellence and Lifelong Learning
HUDV 0101-317 Strategies for Academic Excellence and Lifelong Learning


ENGL 0104-310 Intro to Literature
ENGL 0104-123 Intro to Literature
BIOL 0121-122 General Biology & Lab
MATH 0122-122 Calculus & Analytic Geometry
MATH 0122-122 Calculus & Analytic Geometry
MATH 0105-122 College Algebra
MATH 0105-121 College Algebra
MATH 0108-121 Pre-Calc
MATH 0108-122 Pre-Calc


ENGL 0101-100 Comp I
LANG 0141-100 Spanish I
LANG 0142-100 Spanish II
POSC 0111-102 American Government
POSC 0111-101 American Government
BIOL 0121-100 General Biology & Lab
MATH 0105-100 College Algebra
MATH 0122-100 Calculus & Analytic Geometry I
CHEM 0111-100 College Chemistry I & Lab


ENGL 0101-108 Composition I
MATH 0112-108 Trigonometry


ENGL 0101-107 Composition I
ENGL 0101-306 Composition I
THTR 0101-306 Intro to Theatre
POSC 0111-306 American Government
PSYC 0101-306 Psychology
HUDV 0101-306 Strategies for Success
HIST 0105-306 US History from 1877
BIOL 0121-306 Biology
MATH 0105-306 College Algebra


MATH 0108-110 PreCalc
ENGL 0101-310 Comp I
ENGL 0101-311 Comp I
ENGL 0104-310 Intro to Lit
SPCH 0151-310 Public Speaking
LANG 0101-310 French I
LANG 0141-310 Spanish I
PSYC 0101-310 Sociology
HUDV 0101-310 Strategies for Success
POSC 0111-310 American Government
HIST 204-310 Western Civilization
BIOL 0121-310 Biology
BIOL 0143-310 A&P
MATH 0105-310 College Algebra
MATH 0115-310 Statistics
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