Veterans Education F.A.Q.

What exactly do I have to do in order to receive my veterans’ educational benefits?

Go to the VA website at

Scroll down slightly and look on the right.

Click on ‘Veterans Online Application (VONAPP)’ and with your DD-214 on hand if you are a veteran, complete the application.

ONLY AFTER ENROLLING, Go to ‘Veterans Education’ and click. Look at the menu on the left and click ‘Veterans Student Data Sheet.’ Fill it out and click submit. You are complete.

YOU WILL NEED TO NOTIFY THE CERTIFYING OFFICIAL EVERY TERM THAT YOU ARE ENROLLED. You can do this by simply emailing the official that you are enrolled for that term.

Do I need to contact anyone other than the verifying official?

To get your veterans educational benefits started and continue using them, you will not need to contact anyone other than your certifying official unless you are using Vocational Rehabilitation benefits. Then, you will need to contact your VA counselor. Issues may arise once your benefits have started. To address those issues, you may need to contact the VA directly at 1-888-442-4551.

How much money will I receive for my benefits?

Each chapter is different but rates can be determined by visiting the VA website at There are various sources on the site which can help verify amount of pay. View the comparison chart, road to success, and benefit calculator to determine amounts. The VA will also mail you benefit updates by way of postal service as long as you are enrolled in school.

How long does it take to start receiving benefits?

Enrolling at least one month before the start of classes can shrink processing times so enroll early when possible. During enrollment, processing times average about 4 weeks but can take as long as 8 weeks.

What if I add or drop classes before I start a semester if I am using the Post 9/11 (Chapter 33)? Do I need to tell someone?

As a student at the KCKCC, you have the right to add, drop, change, and withdrawal from classes during the prescribed times. If you add classes before you start a semester, you can contact your certifying official with the details. The certifying official will update the information with the VA, send you a notice, and the VA will reimburse the difference. This is not automatic and it may take the VA several weeks to update your record and make the appropriate payment.

What if I add or drop a class during the semester? Do I need to do anything?

Registration is updated every month of a semester. Notifying the official is not necessary after enrollment.

What if I am certified for fewer hours than I am actually enrolled in?

Although it is always a good idea to get completely enrolled before notifying the official of your enrollment status, it is not necessary if you are still debating on 1 or 2 classes. Notify the official to get your benefits started and you can notify the official of updates later if you choose to enroll in more classes. When registration is updated during the month, the VA will receive the updates and reimburse the difference of hours if you are entitled.

If I am receiving the Post 9/11 MGIB do I have to pay tuition and books out of pocket?

Your tuition and fees are covered based on your percentage of eligibility and sent directly to the college. If you are 100% eligible according to your NOBE (Notice of Benefit Eligibility), then your tuition is completely covered. At less than 100%, you will have to pay the uncovered percentage.

Book stipends are sent directly to the student and if the student is enrolled early enough this is used to purchase books. If not, the student will need to purchase the desired books and the VA will send the stipend at a later time.

When should I enroll for the semester to keep my benefits consistent?

Enrollment begins months before classes actually start for each term. Enroll at least four weeks early to ensure payment consistency.

How will I know if my benefits change?

Laws are constantly changing and these changes do affect your benefits. To stay informed, visit the VA website periodically, check your mail for messages from the VA, and read emails from your certifying official.

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