Checklist for HB2145 Applicants

In order to be admitted to KCKCC under Kansas Law HB 2145, an applicant must:

In the case of a person without lawful immigration status, have signed and filed a KCKCC HB2145 Affidavit form.
a. Have attended an accredited Kansas high school for three or more years AND;
b. Have either graduated for an accredited Kansas high school or earned a GED issued in Kansas.

HB 2145 Requisitos para Admisión

Steps to Admission


Complete an application

Complete an Application for Admission. All materials submitted become the property of KCKCC and cannot be returned. The college will not honor request for waiver of admission requirements.


Complete the KCKCC HB2145 Affidavit

Complete the KCKCC HB2145 Affidavit. Submit your completed HB 2145 form and return it along with your complete KCKCC application for submission.


Send official copies of transcripts to KCKCC

Request official copies of your transcript to be sent to KCKCC. KCKCC must receive your official high school transcript before she/he will be allowed to enroll to verify you have graduated from a Kansas high school. KCKCC must also receive official copies of your transcripts from any US colleges/universities you have attended by the end of your first semester.


Document college level skills

Document college level skill in College Algebra and English. Skill may be documented by any one of the following:

a. Complete the Compass placement test on KCKCC’s campus.

b. Submit unofficial transcripts from a U.S. college or university documenting you have completed College Algebra with a grade of “C” or better and English Composition I with a grade of “D” or better.

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