F-1 students are only permitted to engage in employment that has been authorized.

There are three categories of employment available to F-1 students at KCKCC

  1. On-Campus employment
  2. Practical training (curricular and optional practical training)
  3. Severe Economic Hardship

All of these categories require that the student has valid F-1 status. A student who is out of status is not eligible to F-1 benefits, including employment.

On Campus Employment

International students should not plan to meet their educational or personal living expenses through employment. A limited number of on-campus jobs are available on a competitive basis. Salaries are set near the Kansas minimum hourly wage of $6.65 per hour. Students must interview for such positions in person after arrival.

This employment does not require immigration approval. It must be on-campus, and the student must actively attend school. Students are limited to 20 hours per week while the school is in session; employment can be full-time during official school breaks.

Optional Practical Training

At KCKCC, OPT is authorized only after a student has completed course requirements for a degree. In order to be eligible the student must have been lawfully enrolled on a full-time basis for at least one academic year. Employment should be directly related to a student’s major and intended for a full-time use for 12 months.

The request for OPT must be made within 90 days prior to completion of course requirements. You must first obtain a letter from the international counselor confirming your degree program, anticipated date of completion of degree as well as the value of practical training experience for your field of study. The application for full-time OPT must be received by the immigration service before you complete your course of study. Please plan ahead.

Note:  authorization for employment is automatically terminated if the student transfers to another school or if a student fails to complete graduation requirements.

Economic Hardship

To be eligible for F-1 economic hardship employment, a student must have been in F-1 status for one full academic year. The student must prove to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services that employment is necessary due to severe economic hardship caused by circumstances beyond the student’s control after obtaining F-1 status. Work is limited to 20 hours per week during the academic term (full time during breaks and vacations).work authorization is granted in one year intervals by the immigration service and is renewable (student must reapply).

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