At Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC), "Making Life Better" is the reason we exist. For over 80 years, we have provided a great education at a low cost. Our class sizes are small. We offer many programs, and our faculty members are highly qualified with master's and doctorate degrees. These are reasons students choose KCKCC.

Kansas City is located in the center of the United States. The people are very friendly. The area offers great cultural events, entertainment, shopping and restaurants.

Currently, KCKCC serves about 80 International Students from over 30 countries.


F-1 students are only permitted to engage in employment that has been authorized.

There are three categories of employment available to F-1 students at KCKCC

  1. On-Campus employment
  2. Practical training (curricular and optional practical training)
  3. Severe Economic Hardship

All of these categories require that the student has valid F-1 status. A student who is out of status is not eligible to F-1 benefits, including employment.

Additional Employment Information

Requirements for maintaining lawful status

Here are the requirements for maintaining lawful status. Please contact the international Counselor or Registrar with any question.

  1. Enroll and complete a minimum of 12 credit hours each fall and spring semester. Summer is optional unless you enter the U.S. on an I-20 that begins with the summer term.
  2. Not participate in any off-campus unauthorized employment.
  3. Never work more than 20 hours per work week on campus while school is in session.
  4. Have your I-20 signed by a DSO advisor before traveling out of the country, if you are planning to return to KCKCC.
  5. Get new I-20 whenever you change degree levels, majors, or institutions.
  6. Maintain a current passport and I-20. The I-20 is valid until the date indicated in item #5 or the date you finish your program, whichever comes first. If you have not completed your program, you can request an extension of your I-20. You must submit a new bank statement and make an appointment with the Registrar. You should request an extension I-20 at least 30 days prior to the expiration date.
  7. You must inform KCKCC any time you move.
  8. Please note that students in academic classes can only take one course via internet in any term to count toward a full course of study.
  9. See someone in the Admissions & Records Office if you have ANY questions BEFORE you do something different.

 It's always easier to stay in status than to get back in status

Reduction in Course Load

The new SEVIS system (Student Exchange System) is real-time. This means that if you withdraw from a class, you will immediately be reported to USCIS. Please make sure you maintain your full-time enrollment (12 credit hours) every fall and spring semester. (Summer is optional). Please remember that if you do not attend your classes, your instructor can withdraw you. Check the student handbook and courses syllabi for guidelines for your class.

There are certain situations when a student can take fewer than 12 credit hours and still maintain their legal F-1 status. Generally, these reasons include: last semester to graduate or a specific medical condition. Please make an appointment with the International Counselor to discuss your situation.

Cell Phones

International students without a social security number can check out the information at or look into a pre-pay cell phone sold at many locations in the U.S.

Foreign Credential Evaluations

If you plan to pursue a degree at Kansas City Kansas Community College and want your foreign
transcript, credential(s) to be evaluated for US college credit follow these instructions:
International Student Foreign Credential Evaluations

International Student Foreign Credential Evaluations

If you plan to pursue a degree at Kansas City Kansas Community College and want your foreign transcript/credential(s) to be evaluated for US college credit follow the instructions below. KCKCC does not evaluate foreign transcript/credential(s) on campus. We require you to send an attested copy of your transcript/credential(s) to the Educational Credential Evaluator, Inc. to have an official “ course-by-course” evaluation completed. This evaluation will determine if you have credit hours that will transfer to KCKCC.

The address is listed below.

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc.
P.O. Box 514070 Milwaukee, WI 53203-3470
Phone: 414-289-3400 Fax: 414-289-3411

Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. will send an official copy of your evaluated transcript, credential(s) to both you and Kansas City Kansas Community College. Once KCKCC receives the results and you are a degree seeking students at KCKCC we will post the credit to your KCKCC transcript. If you have already had your foreign transcript/credential(s) evaluated, KCKCC will only accept evaluations from the following companies.

Income Tax

Income earned in the United States, including assistantship, is usually subject to any federal, state, or local income regulations that apply. Annual filing for taxes is mandated each year by April 15th. For more tax information please contact Sherri Neff at (913) 288-7201.

Apply for a Social Security Number

F-1 students must establish that they either are approved for curricular practical training, optional practical training or have secured an on-campus job before being eligible to apply for a SSN.

A Social Security Number (SSN) is a nine-digit number assigned to an individual to identify his/her record of earnings while employed in the U.S. The SSN is also used to track wages and report taxes to the Internal Revenue Service.

How to apply for a Social Security Number

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Maureen Coulter -  Admissions Specialist

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