Enrollment Requirements

Admission to Kansas City Kansas Community College is granted by meeting one of the following requirements:

A graduate from a regionally accredited high school
A transfer student in good standing, from a regionally accredited university/college
A successful completer of the General Education Development (GED) examination

If these requirements cannot be met, students should seek admission under the special student, high school student, or international student categories.

Mandatory Evaluation & Placement

Mandatory Evaluation and Mandatory Placement were adopted by the Kansas City Kansas Board of Trustees on June 12, 2001. First-time college students who have taken the ACT or SAT within the last 24 months may be exempt from taking the placement evaluation in Reading and Writing if their score is ACT 23/SAT 575 in Reading and English. First-time college students who have taken the ACT or SAT within the last 24 months may be exempt from taking the placement evaluation in Math if their score is ACT 23/SAT 575 or higher in math.

Selective Admissions

Admission to KCKCC does not guarantee enrollment into the following programs: Nursing, Practical Nursing, MICT (Mobile Intensive Care Technician/Paramedic) Mortuary Science, Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy Assistant, Cosmetology, and Nail Technology.

Nontraditional Studies

Nontraditional Studies is composed of ten (10) programs. 

Each program has regulations and criteria concerning admission and academic credit.

Nontraditional Studies is not a "short-cut" enabling students to avoid attending classes or obtain quick academic credits. Students who qualify for Nontraditional Studies academic credit are unique in their learning and educational experiences.

Student Rights

FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) is a federal law and its sole purpose is to afford certain rights to students concerning their educational records. The primary rights afforded include:
  1. The right to inspect and review your educational records by advanced request.
  2. The right to seek to have your records amended if you suspect a discrepancy.
  3. The right to have some control over the disclosure of information from your records.
  4. The right to file a complaint concerning alleged failures to comply with FERPA.
Please contact the Dean of Enrollment Services/Registrar at 913-288-7694 if you have any questions or feel that KCKCC employees have not handled information about you properly.

Important Dates

7/20 Summer Semester Ends
7/24 Grades Due – Noon
7/24 Book Buy Back
7/20 Book Buy Back
7/20 Last Day of Classes & Finals
7/06 Last Day to Withdraw
7/04 Independence Day Holiday-College Closed
6/22 Financial Aid Census Day
6/19 Auditors Rosters due
6/12 Last Day to Drop
6/07 Schedule Adjustments Only
6/06 Schedule Adjustments Only
6/06 Classes Begin
5/29 Memorial Day - College Closed
5/29 Early Payment Deadline
5/24 Graduation on Campus
5/23 GED Graduation/Nurses' Pinning
5/24 Grades Due – Noon- Spring Semester Ends
5/16 Book Buy Back | 5/16-5/23
5/16 Finals | 5/16- 5/22
5/22 Last day of classes
4/28 Last day to withdraw from 2nd 8 week classes
4/21 Last day to officially withdraw from Full Semester classes
4/06 Advisement/Assessment - No Classes - Offices Open
4/01 Early Enrollment for Summer and Fall 2017 Begins
3/29 2nd 8 weeks Auditors Rosters due
3/20 Midterm – 2nd 8 week classes begin
3/13 Spring Break - No Classes - 3/13 - 3/19
3/11 1st 8 Weeks Grades Due
3/09 Final Exams for 1st 8 week Tues/Thurs classes
3/08 Final Exams for 1st 8 week Mon/Wed classes
3/10 Midterm Enrollment
3/08 Midterm Enrollment
3/09 Midterm Enrollment
3/07 Midterm Enrollment
3/06 Midterm Enrollment
2/23 Last day to withdraw from 1st 8 week classes
2/21 Financial Aid Census Day
2/20 Presidents Day Observed - College Closed
2/13 20th Day
2/03 Full Semester and 1st 8 week Auditors Rosters due
1/19 Schedule Adjustments Only
1/18 Schedule Adjustments Only
1/17 Schedule Adjustments Only
1/17 Classes Begin
1/16 Martin Luther King Day - College Closed
1/16 Last Day to Enroll on WebAdvisor
1/13 Last Day for Advisor Assisted Enrollment - All Locations
1/11 Division Meetings
1/10 Contract Day
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