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Computer Engineering Technology

Curriculum pathway leading to an Associate in Science in Liberal Arts & Sciences for students seeking a transfer degree to a 4-year institution:

Dean: Dr. Edward Kremer

Program Coordinator: Dr. Chan Tung

The Department of Computer Engineering Technology is committed to meeting the needs of the students who are enrolled in our courses. We are committed to teaching excellence. We provide quality transfer courses, general education courses, prerequisites within vocational programs, and vocational courses.

All courses within the Department are designed to meet the needs of the students who take them and provide them with the knowledge, ability, skills, and the critical thinking (deductive reasoning) they will need to enter the modern marketplace.

Students complete an intensive study of hardware/software subjects, and related skills in this program. This degree is designed to prepare students for a variety of new and traditional jobs in the mushrooming field of computer applications. Most courses in this degree are transferable to many colleges.

The CET Department offers a transfer program for students interested in pursuing a baccalaureate degree at a four-year college or university and a vocational program for students wishing to seek immediate employment in the computer field. In addition, a one-year certificate is granted for students wishing to enhance their career opportunities in the computer field.

The Concurrent Enrollment Program provides secondary school students with the opportunity to take advanced computer classes at their high school site.

Students are prepared to meet the 21st Century Learning Outcomes through assignments requiring written and oral communications. Mathematical concepts are reinforced through computer programming assignments in each class. Critical thinking skills are enhanced through lab assignments which require introspective answers to questions. Students are assigned to work in teams to complete programming assignments re-enforcing interpersonal skills needed in the workplace.

Note: Students should observe the "See course description" footnotes that appear throughout the following program. Many courses in this program have prerequisites or special notes or instructions of importance to students considering enrollment. BUSN 1151-Keyboarding is a recommended prerequisite to the CET program and CIST classes.

Since the transferability of courses will vary depending on the specific four-year institution, it is strongly recommended that if students are intending to transfer to a four-year institution, they must consult with the transfer institution and with their respective KCKCC advisor before enrolling in order to determine the transferability of their courses. It is the student's responsibility to follow the transfer requirements established by his/her transfer institution.

General Education Requirements

College Requirement - All first time degree-seeking students who score 73 or above on the COMPASS reading exam are required to take HUDV0100, First Year Experience. All degree-seeking students who score below 73 on the COMPASS reading exam will take HUDV0101, Strategies for Academic Excellence/Lifelong Learning. (See exemptions)

Course Number
Course Title
HUDV Requirement:
HUDV0100 First Year Experience or
HUDV0101 Strategies for Academic Excellence/Lifelong Learning
Basic Skill Requirements:
ENGL0101 Composition I
ENGL0102 Composition II*
SPCH0151 Public Speaking or
SPCH0153 Interpersonal Communication
Humanities Requirements (from at least two of the following: Art, History, Literature, Modern Language, Music, Philosophy or Theatre)
  Humanities Core Elective
Social and Behavioral Science Requirements (from at least two of the following: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, Political Science,) Psychology and Sociology)
  Social Science Core Elective
Mathematics & Natural and Physical Science Requirements (lecture with lab)
MATH0105 College Algebra
  Biology & Physics or Chemistry Electives (physics recommended)
Total General Education Requirements
Technical Requirements:
CIST0117 Local Area Networking
CIST0137 HTML Web Page Development
CIST0145 Computer Operating System (VISTA)
CIST0180 Visual Basic*
CIST0214 Home Computer Repair/Maintenance (CompTIA A+)
  Computer Electives
Total hours for an Associate in Science in Computer Engineering Technology Degree

*See course description for prerequisite.