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Cooperative Program Information For Metropolitan Community College District Residents

Cooperative Program Points of Contact

Kansas City Kansas Community College and the Metropolitan Community College District (MCC) have developed a cooperative agreement that allows residents in the MCC District to enroll in the following program offered at KCKCC and pay Missouri resident tuition rates (either In-District or Out-of-District, depending upon school district of residence).

Steps to Enrollment

  1. Apply for admission at both MCC and KCKCC.
  2. Take the MCC assessment test.
  3. Complete and sign an MCC cooperative student request at one of the MCC counseling/advising offices. This is only required upon initial acceptance into the cooperative program. It is your responsibility to retain a copy of this agreement for your records.
  4. Enroll for degree-specific courses at KCKCC and obtain a printout of your KCKCC class schedule. It is your responsibility to contact KCKCC for enrollment dates.
  5. Enroll at MCC in the appropriate general education courses for your degree plan.
  6. Submit the KCKCC class schedule to the MCC admissions office. (This printout will list the courses in which you have enrolled at KCKCC and must be updated each semester prior to cooperative course enrollment at MCC).
  7. Register for the equivalent cooperative classes at MCC during official registration days at MCC. (Dual enrollment at both institutions is required for degree-specific courses.)
  8. Pay tuition for all courses at MCC by the payment deadline. Credit hour fees are the only fees covered by this agreement.
  9. Pay applicable special course fees, lab fees and insurance at KCKCC by the payment deadline.
  10. Return your MCC receipt for payment to the KCKCC business office by the KCKCC payment deadline. Failure to update records at KCKCC will result in being dropped for non-payment at KCKCC.

Important Information
Steps 4 through 11 must be completed each semester you participate in the program.

MCC "In District" as defined in the MCC General Catalog (as a resident of any of the following school districts: Belton, Blue Springs, Center, Fort Osage, Grandview, Hickman Mills, Independence, Kansas City, Lee's Summit, North Kansas City, Park Hill, or Raytown).

MCC "Out of District" tuition does apply if you live in Missouri but in some school district other than those listed above.

Failure to submit a copy of the KCKCC student schedule to the MCC Business Office will result in loss of eligibility in the cooperative program. You will be dropped from the cooperative courses at MCC and will be responsible for paying out-of-state tuition at KCKCC.

Only those courses not offered at MCC and required for your specific degree (see degree plans over) are included in this agreement. If you elect to take a general education course (i.e. math or English, etc.) at KCKCC, you will be responsible for paying out-of-state tuition.

KCKCC Financial Aid Process
Federal financial aid may not be granted by more than one college each enrollment period. Students who are requesting financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office at KCKCC for application and eligibility information prior to the payment deadline.