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High School Students

  • High school enrollment is senior status only for Kansans and requires approval by both the home high school and TEC. (Some classes require a valid social security card or state ID). High school seniors are at TEC for 4 to 6 high school credit blocks, and attend their home school the rest of the day.
  • Those dual-enrolled at TEC are getting a head start to complete postsecondary skill training with no tuition charged to the student during high school, while also receiving high school credit. (Tuition is paid by the home Kansas high school).
  • High school students (except those in Health Careers , Nail Technology and Early Childhood Education) cannot attend TEC enough hours during their senior year to complete the training program. Therefore, they return as postsecondary students to complete the program (3 to 7 months, depending on the class) with advanced standing for the credit hours accumulated during high school. They only pay tuition (at the postsecondary rate) for the remaining time, and may qualify for financial aid assistance.