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Orientation Class Requirement

All first time degree-seeking students who score 73 or above on the COMPASS reading exam will take HUDV0100, First Year Experience.

All degree-seeking students who score below 73 on the COMPASS reading exam will take HUDV0101: Strategies for Academic Excellence/Lifelong Learning.


  1. A student already has a college degree.
  2. A student from another institution who is enrolling only in summer courses.
  3. A student is only enrolled in Wellness, Workforce Development, or refresher courses.
  4. A transfer student with 30 or more college credit hours.
  5. Students taking Honors Tutorial I as Presidential Scholarship recipients.

If a student does not meet one of the exemptions listed above and wishes to appeal the requirement of completing the course, the student will need to obtain the approval of the chief academic officer.

All students working towards an Associate in Arts, an Associate in Science, and an Associate in General Studies are required to complete Composition I and II, Public Speaking, and First Year Experience or Strategies for Academic Excellence/Lifelong Learning. Students working toward an Associate in Applied Science may substitute Technical Writing as specified in certain degree requirements. Proper prerequisites must be observed unless they are waived by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Recommendation: All degree seeking students should complete this course within the first 15 credit hours of college enrollment.

  1. maintain an overall cumulative grade-point average of 2.00;
  2. complete 12 of the last 24 credit hours of their degree at KCKCC;
  3. complete the 15 credit hours in residency requirement at KCKCC;
  4. apply no more than 30 credit hours of nontraditional studies credit to graduation requirements;
  5. earn only one degree or certificate in a semester; and
  6. approved programs completed at a Kansas Area Vocational Technical School apply as credit hours only toward an one associate degree at KCKCC and cannot be applied toward a second degree.