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Certificate Programs

Students seeking a certificate from the College must meet the following requirements:

  1. maintain a cumulative 2.00 or better grade-point average;
  2. complete their last 10 credit hours at KCKCC;
  3. complete the 15 credit hours in residency requirement at the College.

Students seeking a certificate may be eligible for Vocational honors. Students who complete a certificate program at TEC and meet eligibility requirements may be considered for induction into National Technical Honor Society.

Second Associate Degree

Students seeking a second degree must complete a minimum of 15 additional credit hours at the College between the first and second degree and meet all the requirements for the second degree. Students are eligible for honors if the course work taken for the second degree meets honors requirements. For specific information, students need to contact the Counseling or Admissions and Records Office. Student must file intent to pursue a certificate and degree in the Admissions and Records office, prior to application for graduation. If eligible, a student will be awarded a certificate and degree in the same semester. No more than one (1) degree will be awarded per semester.

Summer Session
The summer session is an integral part of the College's academic calendar year designed for students who want to take course(s) in an intensive session. Day classes meet daily Monday through Thursday and evening classes meet two nights a week. Students who enroll for six (6) semester hours of course work during the summer are considered full-time students for enrollment purposes. All college admission requirements, tuition, and academic regulations for semester courses apply to the Summer Session.

Night Courses
Evening courses at KCKCC are an extension of the day curriculum. Classes are scheduled so students who work full time during the day are still able to attend classes at night. All college admission requirements, tuition, and academic regulations for day courses apply to evening classes. Students who enroll only in evening classes should be advised that there are a limited number of course selections available at night. In addition, several of the Associate in Applied Science degrees cannot be completed by taking evening classes exclusively.