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General Education Core Requirements

In the degrees listed in this catalog, students are sometimes given an opportunity to select a class of interest but are directed to make their selection from the list of Core Electives below. See your degree description for individual requirements. If you have a question about a course that may not be listed here, see a counselor, your adviser, or the instructional dean in your major area of interest. New courses may have been added to the list after the publication deadline. Please check the online catalog for the most recent course information.

KCKCC general education requirements are considered fulfilled after submission and posting of relevant credits from an official transcript indicating the completion of an Associate in Arts degree, Associate in Science degree, Baccalaureate degree or above from a regionally accredited college or university. Specialized programs may require enrollment in and completion of science and other designated courses.

Basic Skills courses, including:
• 6 hours of English composition I & II;
• 3 hours of Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication; and
ENGL0101   Composition I  
ENGL0102   Composition II  
SPCH0151   Public Speaking or  
SPCH0153   Interpersonal Communication  
(ENGL0206 - Technical Writing may be substituted for ENGL0102 under certain AAS degrees)
Mathematics and Natural and Physical Science courses:
3 hours of college level mathematics; College Algebra and/or Statistics will be required of transfer students where University curriculum requires it.
MATH0105 College Algebra
MATH0108 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
MATH0112 Trigonometry
MATH0115 Statistics
MATH0120 Calculus I (Non-Engineering)
MATH0121 Calculus II (Non-Engineering)
MATH0122 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
MATH0123 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
MATH0224 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III
MATH0227 Differential Equations
BIOL0119 Life and The Environment with Lab
BIOL0121 General Biology
BIOL0125 Human Biology
BIOL0131 Environmental Science
BIOL0132 Environmental Science Lab
BIOL0141 Human Anatomy and Laboratory
BIOL0143 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL0221 Plant Biology
BIOL0222 Plant Biology Laboratory
BIOL0231 Animal Biology
BIOL0232 Animal Biology Laboratory
BIOL0261 Microbiology
BIOL0262 Microbiology Laboratory
BIOL0268 Human Sexuality
BIOL0271 Physiology
BIOL0272 Physiology Laboratory
CHEM0101 Introduction to Forensic Science and Laboratory
CHEM0109 General Chemistry
CHEM0111 College Chemistry I and Lab
CHEM0112 College Chemistry II and Lab
CHEM0203 General Organic Chemistry
CHEM0211 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM0212 Organic Chemistry II
CHEM0213 Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHEM0214 Organic Chemistry II Lab
Physical Science
NASC0103 General Physical Science
NASC0107 Introduction to Astronomy
NASC0108 Introduction to Astronomy Lab
NASC0130 Introductory Physics
NASC0131 Introductory Physics Laboratory
NASC0175 Introduction to Meteorology and Lab
NASC0186 Physical Geology and Lab
NASC0231 General Physics I
NASC0232 General Physics II
NASC0245 Engineering Physics I
NASC0246 Engineering Physics II
Humanities courses from the following:
• Art*
• Music*
• Theater*
• History
• Philosophy
• Literature
• Modern Language
*Performance courses are excluded
FNAR0101 Art Appreciation
FNAR0102 Art History I
FNAR0103 Art History II
ENGL0104 Introduction to Literature
ENGL0105 Early World Literature
ENGL0106 Modern World Literature
ENGL0107 Children's Literature
ENGL0108 Introduction to Poetry
ENGL0109 Introduction to Fiction
ENGL0132 Science Fiction
ENGL0133 Women in Literature
ENGL0135 World Mythology
ENGL0140 Detective Fiction
ENGL0210 Early American Literature
ENGL0211 Modern American Literature
ENGL0212 Drama as Literature: Early to Modern
ENGL0214 Afro-American Literature
ENGL0217 Early English Literature
ENGL0218 Modern English Literature
ENGL0220 American Indian Literature
ENGL0221 Latino Literature and Cultures
HIST0103 Modern Asia
HIST0104 United States to 1877
HIST0105 United States Since 1877
HIST0106 Black History
HIST0107 Modern Europe
HIST0108 Religion in America
HIST0109 The Bible as History
HIST0115 World Civilization I
HIST0116 World Civilization II
HIST0204 Western Civilization I
HIST0205 Western Civilization II
HIST0211 Contemporary Issues
Modern Language
LANG0101 French I
LANG0102 French II
LANG0121 German I
LANG0122 German II
LANG0141 Spanish I
LANG0142 Spanish II
LANG0161 Arabic I
LANG0162 Arabic II
LANG0203 French III
LANG0204 French IV
LANG0223 German III
LANG0224 German IV
LANG0243 Spanish III
LANG0244 Spanish IV
MUSC0101 Music Appreciation
HUMN0101 Arts and Culture of the Early World
HUMN0102 Arts and Culture of the Modern World
Introduction to Women's Studies
Men & Masculinities
Women in Religion
HUMN0207 Comparative World Religions
JOUR0175 Introduction to Mass Communications
PHIL0103 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL0105 Logic
PHIL0206 Ethics
HUMN0200 Foundations of Film and Theatre
THTR0101 Theater Appreciation
Social and Behavioral Science courses from the following disciplines:
ANTH0100 Anthropology
ANTH0126 Native American Indians
ANTH0105 Archaeology
ECON0201 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON0202 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON0203 Introduction to Labor Studies (PACE)
GEOG0101 Introduction to Cultural Geography
Political Science
POSC0101 Introduction to Political Science
POSC0102 International Relations/Foreign Policy
POSC0111 American Government
POSC0112 State and Local Government
PSYC0101 Psychology
PSYC0112 Psychology of Personal Adjustment
PSYC0115 The Grieving Process
PSYC0202 Child Development
PSYC0203 Human Development
PSYC0204 Personality
PSYC0214 Social Psychology
SOSC0107 Sociology
SOSC0108 Sociology of the Family
SOSC0109 Diversity Studies
SOSC0134 Criminology
SOSC0207 Urban Sociology
SOSC0209 Social Problems