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Administration and Directors

Baz Abouelenein, Dean of Information Services
E-mail Address:  baz@kckcc.edu
Ph.D. University of Phoenix
M.S. University of Phoenix
B.S. City University
Karalin Alsdurf, Executive Director/Leavenworth Center
E-mail Address:  kalsdurf@kckcc.edu
M.S. Kansas State University
B.S. Emporia State University
Jaclyn Anderson, Director/Academic Resource Center
E-mail Address:  jaanderson@kckcc.edu
M.S. Drake University
B.G.S. University of Kansas
Jim Beechwood, Director of College Relations
E-mail Address:  jbeechwood@kckcc.edu
M.B.A. Rockhurst University
B.A. Kansas State University
Jim Bennett, Director of Computing
E-mail Address:  jbennett@kckcc.edu
M.I.S. University of Phoenix
B.S. Park University
A.A. Kansas City Kansas Community College
Brian Bode, Vice President of Financial & Administrative Services
E-mail Address:  bbode@kckcc.edu
M.S. Troy University
B.S. Keaney State
Marie Branstetter, Director of Financial Records
E-mail Address:  marie@kckcc.edu
M.S. Baker University
B.S. Friends University
Deborah Broil, Director of Forensics Lab
E-mail Address:  dbroil@kckcc.edu
M.A. University of Missouri
John Burright, Director of Bookstore Operations
E-mail Address:  jburright@kckcc.edu
B.A. Iowa State University
Andrea Chastain, Director of the Community Outreach Counseling Program
E-mail Address:  chastain@kckcc.edu
M.A. University of Missouri - K.C.
B.S. Emporia State University
Barbara Clark-Evans, Director of the Intercultural Center
E-mail Address:  bclark@kckcc.edu
M.Ed. University of Missouri-KC
M.B.A. Baker University
B.A. University of Kansas
Lisa Cline, Director of Web Services
E-mail Address:  lcline@kckcc.edu
B.A. University of Missouri
Cheryl Coleman, Director of Human Resources
E-mail Address:  ccoleman@kckcc.edu
M.A. Webster University
B.S. Park College
Rob Crane, Director of Wellness Center
E-mail Address:  rcrane@kckcc.edu
M.A. University of Kansas
Shawn Derritt, Director of Student Advising Center
E-mail Address: sderritt@kckcc.edu
M.S. University of Kansas
B.A. University of Kansas
A.A. Kansas City Kansas Community College
Mary Dorr, Director of Financial Aid
E-mail Address:  mdorr@kckcc.edu
M.S. Kansas State University
B.S. Saint Mary College
Natasha El-Scari , Project Manager for T4E Grant
E-mail Address:  nelscari@kckcc.edu
M.S. University of Missouri Kansas City
B.S. Jackson State University
Kaaren Fife, Director of Institutional Research
E-mail Address:  kfife@kckcc.edu
M.A. University of Missouri
B.A. Park University
Doris Givens, President
E-mail Address:  dgivens@kckcc.edu
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin
M.S. San Diego State University
B.A. San Diego State University
Doris Holleman, Director of the Campus Child Care Center
E-mail Address:  kckccccc@kckcc.edu
M.S. Iowa State University
B.A. University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff
Theresa Holliday, Assistant Director/Admissions
E-mail Address:  tholliday@kckcc.edu
M.A. University of Saint Mary
B.S. Washburn University
Marvin Hunt, Dean of Business & Continuing Education
E-mail Address:  mhunt@kckcc.edu
Ph.D. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
M.A. University of Kansas
B.G.S. University of Kansas
Marcia Irvine, Assistant Director/Leavenworth Center
E-mail Address:  mirvine@kckcc.edu
M.S. Kansas State University
B.S. Kansas State University
Brenda Kelly, Director of Developmental Education
E-mail Address:  bkelly@kckcc.edu
Ph.D. University of Missouri Kansas City
M.S. Kansas State University
B.S. Upper Iowa University
Michael Kimbrough, Director of Media Services
E-mail Address:  kimbr@kckcc.edu
M.B.A. Baker University
B.A. University of Missouri - K.C.
Edward Kremer, Dean of Mathematics, Science & Computer Technology
E-mail Address:  ekremer@kckcc.edu
Ph.D. University of Missouri - K.C.
B.S. Central Missouri State University
Anita Krondak, Director of Nursing
E-mail Address:  akrondak@kckcc.edu
M.S.N. University of Missouri – K.C.
B.S.N. University of Nebraska
Sandra Lane, Academic Nursing/Allied Health Advisor & Interim Director, Medical Assistant Program
E-mail Address:  slane@kckcc.edu
M.S.N. University of Kansas
B.S. William Jewell College
Rosemary Lischka, Director of Continuing Education and Community Services
E-mail Address:  rlischka@kckcc.edu
M.A. Kansas State University
B.S. University of Kansas
Leota M. Marks, Dean of Human Resources/Affirmative Action
E-mail Address:  lmarks@kckcc.edu
M.S. Baker University
B.A. University of Kansas
Patrick McCartney, Executive Director/Endowment
E-mail Address:  pmccartney@kckcc.edu
B.A. University of Missouri at Columbia
M.S. Saint Thomas University
Margaret McCoy, Transition Specialist
E-mail Address:  mamccoy@kckcc.edu
M.S. University of Kansas
M.S. University of Kansas
B.S. University of Kansas
Denise McDowell, Dean of Enrollment Management & Registrar
E-mail Address:  dmcdowell@kckcc.edu
Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University
M.S. Central Missouri State University
B.A. Lincoln University
Tamara Miller, Assistant Director of Student Development Specialist
E-mail Address:  tmiller@kckcc.edu
M.S. Central Missouri State University
B.A. University of Missouri-KC
A.A. Longview Community College
Sangki Min, Dean of Institutional Services
E-mail Address:  sangki@kckcc.edu
Ph. D. Iowa State University
M.A. University of Missouri – Kansas City
B.A. Keimyung University
Sherri Neff, Assistant Director of Admissions
E-mail Address:  sneff@kckcc.edu
M.B.A. Baker University
M.S. Fort Hays State University
B.A. Fort Hays State University
Brian Patrick, Director of Cultural Outreach
E-mail Address:   bpatrick@kckc.edu
M.A. University of Kansas
B.A. University of Kansas
Rich Piper, Director of Technical Programs/Technical Education Center
E-mail Address:  rpiper@kckcc.edu
M.A. University of Missouri
B.A. Kearney State College
Cheryl Postlewait, Director of Library
E-mail Address:  cheryl@kckcc.edu
M.A.L.S. University of Missouri - Columbia
B.A. Bethany Nazarene College
David Root, Director of Purchasing & Risk Management
E-mail Address:  droot@kckcc.edu
B.S. Emporia State University
Greg Schneider, Director of Campus Police
E-mail Address:  gschneid@kckcc.edu
B.S. Friends University
Donna Shawn, Director of Technical Programs, Technical Education Center
E-mail Address:  dshawn@kckcc.edu
E.D.S. Wichita State University
M.S.E. Kansas State University
B.S. E. Emporia Kansas State College
Jeff Sixta, Director of Building and Grounds
E-mail Address:  jsixta@kckcc.edu
B.S. Kansas State University
Clifford Smith, Dean of TEC/Director of Technical Programs
E-mail Address:  clsmith@kckcc.edu
M.S. Pittsburg State University
B.A. Kearny State College
Susan Stuart, Director of Online Education
E-mail Address:  sstuart@kckcc.edu
M.S. Pittsburg State University
B.A. Pittsburg State University
Linda Sutton, Director of Student Activities
E-mail Address:  lsutton@kckcc.edu
M.B.A. Baker University
B.S. Friends University
A.B. Northwest Mississippi Community College
Anothony (Tony) Tompkins, Director of Athletics
E-mail Address:  atompkins@kckcc.edu
M.A. University of Phoenix
B.A. Missouri Baptist University
Stacy Tucker, Director of Honors Education/Phi Theta Kappa/Service Learning
E-mail Address:  stucker@kckcc.edu
M.S. Kansas State University
B.S. Washburn University
Cherilee Walker, Dean of Humanities & Fine Arts
E-mail Address:  cwalker@kckcc.edu
Ph.D. The University of Oklahoma
M. M. Indiana University
B. M. Baldwin-Wallace College
B.A. University of Toledo
Daniel Ward, Assistant Director of Buildings & Grounds
E-mail Address:  dward@kckcc.edu
A.S. Metropolitan Community Colleges
Shirley Wendel, Dean of Allied Health & Nursing
E-mail Address:  swendel@kckcc.edu
Ph. D. Kansas State University
Ph. D. University of Kansas
M.N. University of Kansas
B.S.N. Avila College
Susan White, Director of Practical Nursing Program
E-mail Address:  swhite@kckcc.edu
M.S. Pittsburg State University
B.S. William Jewell College
Amanda Williams, Assistant Director/Academic Resource Center
E-mail Address:  awilliams@kckcc.edu
M.A. University of Missouri-KC
Charles Wilson, Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences
E-mail Address:  drchuck@kckcc.edu
Ed. D. Nova Southeastern University
M. A. University of Missouri-K.C.
M.Div. Central Baptist Theological Seminary
B.A. Ottawa University
A.A. Bacone College
Linda Wyatt, Director of Career Placement and Planning
E-mail Address:  lwyatt@kckcc.edu
M.A. Liberty University
B.A. Ottawa University
Bill Yeazel, Director of Performing Arts Center
E-mail Address:  yeazel@kckcc.edu
M.S. Kansas State University