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The Community Outreach Counseling Program

The Community Outreach Counseling Program provides supportive services and resources to students, prospective students, and community members. The types of services are varied and flexible, designed to assist individuals in transition. Services include personal counseling, educational advising, information on non-traditional career opportunities, student support groups, (such as the LGBT group), information on substance abuse prevention, and referrals to the appropriate community agency or organization. The Women's Resource Center and drug, alcohol and prevention programs are also part of the Community Outreach Counseling Program.

Tuition assistance grants for qualified single parents, provided by the KCKCC Endowment Association and administered by Community Outreach, are available on a semester-by-semester basis.

A food pantry for currently enrolled KCKCC students can be accessed by appointment. Non-perishable food and toiletry items are available on a limited basis.

A clothing bank of business-professional clothing for men and women entering the job market or beginning internships is available to students and community members.

Monthly brown bag presentations provide information on a wide range of topics given by local speakers. Also monthly is the program's newsletter, the Person to Person, which features information helpful to the adult learner.

Current Information on promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for all ages and demographics is available through the program's Outreach and Prevention Coordinator. Community collaboration, data collection, risk assessment, and evaluations are available as well.