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Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center is located in the Jewell Student Center, Room 3344. The telephone number is 913-288-7664 and email: arc@kckcc.edu. Hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.; Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Summer hours may vary.

Mission and Purpose
The mission of the Academic Resource Center is to assist students in strengthening their academic skills and successfully completing their college work. Support services and an assessment of current achievement levels are available to all students.

Placement Testing
All students are required to complete the placement test before meeting with an advisor to enroll. No appointments are needed for the placement test.

Questions regarding the need for placement testing by students who have previously received college credit for composition or math should be directed to the Placement Coordinator, 913-288-7171.

Study guides to aid students in preparing to take the placement tests are available in the Academic Resource Center. Students are encouraged to pick up the study guides for review before attending a test session. There is no fee for the exam, but a photo I.D. is required. Following the test session, students will receive a record of their scores and the recommended course placements.

Testing is computerized and administered on a drop-in basis. Students who require accommodations due to a documented disability should contact the ARC Director at 913-288-7670 V/TDD.

Academic Resource Center Support Services

Peer Tutoring
Peer tutoring is available, free of charge, for any enrolled student experiencing academic difficulty. The Tutoring Services are housed in the Academic Resource Center in the Jewell Student Center, Room 3344. Applications to request a tutor as well as become a tutor are housed on MyDotte and in the ARC.

The Reading & Writing Center
Writing assistance is available to KCKCC students. The Center is staffed by professional tutors. The tutors will assist with any part of the reading or writing process. That includes, but is not limited to, essay writing, formatting for APA and MLA guidelines, guidance in securing research information, grammar, and punctuation, etc. The Center is setup on a walk-in basis, and the hours vary each semester according to demand and the availability of tutors. Please contact the ARC for current hours.

Math Tutoring Center
The Math Tutoring Center is available to KCKCC students who are enrolled in math courses. The Math Center is staffed by peer and professional tutors who are capable of assisting with all levels of Math Essentials through College Algebra. Limited assistance is available for students enrolled in Calculus and Statistics. Hours are scheduled each semester according to the demand and the availability of tutors. You may contact the ARC for current hours. The Math Tutoring Center is setup on a walk-in basis.

Learning Styles Inventory
A Learning Specialist is available to administer a computerized learning styles inventory and prescribe specific strategies based on the student’s preferred style of learning. Students can receive individualized assistance in study skills, test-taking strategies, time management, general assistance to meet academic goals, and screening for a learning disability from the Academic Resource Center. Students interested in assessing their learning styles or receiving assistance with meeting their academic goals should contact the Academic Resource Center at 913-288-7346.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
Accommodations are provided in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Accommodations such as sign language interpreters, extended time on tests, note takers, alternate formatted materials, large print, Braille, and the use of assistive technology are arranged through the Academic Resource Center. Students who need accommodations or students interested in assisting with services should contact 913-288-7670.

Assistive Technology
Assistive technology is available for students who need access to computer technology due to a documented disability. The technology is placed in classrooms, computer labs, and other areas of the campus as needed by students, staff, and faculty. Persons interested in receiving more information should contact 913-288-7671.