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Nursing Program

General Information

Students applying for admission to the Nursing Program must comply with regular requirements for admission to the college and meet criteria indicating ability to succeed in nursing courses. Contact the Counselor for Health Programs or the Allied Health/Nursing Division for early admission criteria and application procedures.

Fees for the Nursing program may be found in the fee section of the KCKCC College Catalog.

In order to participate in clinical activities, students need to purchase uniforms, carry liability insurance, meet certain medical requirements, and provide personal transportation to hospitals and health agencies. The faculty has developed a conceptual framework from the concepts of client needs, nursing intervention classifications and nursing outcome classifications. Each course emphasizes growth and development, communication, the nursing process, nutrition and diet therapy, pharmacology, management, and legal and ethical issues.

Students must complete courses at each level with a grade of C or better before being allowed to enroll in courses at the next level.