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Certified Professional Secretarial Exam (CPS®)

Certified Professional Secretary® (CPS®) rating or Certified Administrative Professional® (CAP®) rating is available through The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP®). Academic credit is based on the Certification Review Guide.

  1. The CPS® and CAP® ratings are accepted for Non- traditional academic credit providing the student makes a score of 70 or better on the exam. Official score reports must be sent directly to the College in order for the student to be awarded credit.
  2. Students must be high school graduates, or have passed the GED equivalence test, and be 18 years of age.
  3. Students using Nontraditional academic credit to fulfill graduation requirements must complete 15 academic credit hours in residence at the College and maintain a 2.00/4.00 grade-point average.
  4. Students must be enrolled at the College during the semester they plan to receive Nontraditional academic credit.
  5. Students can receive up to 31 hours of academic credit through the CPS® and CAP® ratings November 2004 and after. Credit hour evaluation for students who achieved CPS®0 and CAP®1 ratings May 2004 and before is determined on an individual basis by the Administrative Office Professional (AOP) coordinator.
  6. Academic credits granted through Nontraditional Studies count towards graduation but are not calculated in a student’s grade-point average. The only exception to this rule is for Independent Study.
  7. Students passing Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the CPS®2 exam must make a decision on which courses listed here to use for academic credit. Requirements for graduation should be the prime factor when making this determination.
  8. Students awarded academic credits through this program are not charged tuition and fees. They are only required to pay those costs charged by the IAAP®3 Certification Department.
  9. Academic credit is posted on the transcript in terms of the College’s course number. The notation on the transcript will read: Certified Professional Secretaries Exam. Grades of CR are recorded on the transcript. The exam parts eligible for KCKCC academic credit are listed below with the course equivalence.

Certified Professional Secretary® (CPS®) rating or Certified Administrative Professional® (CAP®) Equivalencies

Part 1 CPS® and CAP® Exams
Office Systems and Technology
CIST0101 Computer Concepts and Applications 3 credit hrs.
CIST0111 Microcomputer Business Software 3 credit hrs.
BUSN0191 Microcomputer Applications I-II: (Word ) 1 credit hr.
BUSN2251 Office Simulations 1 credit hr.
Part 2 CPS® and CAP® Exams
Office Administration
BUSN0126 Office Practicum 3 credit hrs.
BUSN0285 Occupational Internship I 3 credit hrs.
BUSN2201 Records Management 1 credit hr.
BUSN2202 Business English 1 credit hr.
BUSN2203 Proofreading 1 credit hr.
BUSN2252 Business Etiquette 1 credit hr.
BUSN0211 Business Communications 3 credit hrs.
Part 3 CPS® and CAP® Exams
BUSN0101 Accounting I 3 credit hrs.
BUSN2253 Customer Service 1 credit hr.
BUSN0108 Human Relations in Business 3 credit hrs.
BUSN0280 Human Resource Management 3 credit hrs.
BUSN0286 Principles of Management 3 credit hrs.
TOTAL 34 credit hrs.