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Academic Dean:  Dr. Edward Kremer
Program Coordinator:  Dr. Chandra Thapa

Mission Statement

The Department of physics/physical Sciences supports the mission of the college and of the Division of Mathematics, Sciences & Computer Technology by providing transfer education, career education, and general education opportunities to all students. We are always committed to providing high quality education to every student attending KCKCC. We have well-established laboratory experiments for every physics/physical Sciences courses so that students can learn how to apply what they learn in theory into practice, which provides them the real education in the real world situation. We provide personal attention to every student and provide every opportunity to succeed in very caring and informal environment. We are a group of trained, experienced and motivated educators who know well how to teach in the class.

The KCKCC offers “Associate in Science” and “Associate in General Studies” under physics/physical sciences. These degrees are primarily transfer degrees to any four-year institution for a bachelor degree, leading to a master or PhD. The detailed information regarding the requirements for these degrees can be found through the link: Programs & Degrees. The KCKCC has transfer agreement with number of 4-year institutions in state of Kansas and outside. The detailed information regarding the transfer agreements can be found through the link: (KCKCC Transfer Agreements). Students are strongly recommended to contact the academic dean or their course advisors or the program advisors to get the further information. Students are also strongly recommended to contact the transferring institution about the requirements and the transferability of the courses they take at KCKCC.