Mission and Philosophy Statement

Dean: Dr. Edward Kremer

The mission of the Mathematics Department is to support the College mission (1) by providing general education courses in mathematics for transfer programs and career programs and (2) by providing developmental mathematics courses that prepare students for college level mathematics. The focus is on facilitating learning experiences so students can maximize their learning of mathematics in an accessible and supportive learning environment. Interwoven in mathematics classes are activities based on 21st century learning outcomes: communication, computation, critical reasoning, technology and information management, community and civil responsibility, and personal and interpersonal skills.

The faculty teach students who have a wide range of abilities and needs. Through introductory courses, opportunities are provided for students to learn the basic skills of mathematics. Through upper level courses, opportunities are provided for students to expand their foundations in mathematics and to meet the requirements of their major areas of study. In all courses, opportunities are provided for students to learn effective use of mathematics in their daily lives.

The Department believes that every motivated student can experience success in learning mathematics.

  • Students should select the class format that best meets their learning needs.
  • Students learn best when they can relate their learning to life experiences and participate in its discovery.
  • Students should understand concepts rather than just memorize techniques.
  • Students' use of technology reflects its use in society, enhances their technological literacy, and empowers them in their learning.
  • Students’ team learning activities enable them to more effectively participate in other classes and work environments.
  • Students can learn to appreciate mathematics as a component of life-long learning.

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