1. Educational Background
    • B.A.E. (Bachelor of Arts in Education) University of Missouri-Kansas City - Double Major in Education and Social Science.
    • M.S. (Master of Science) Emporia Kansas State College - Double Major in Counseling and Administration.
    • li>
    • Post-Master Work - (56 graduate hours)
      • Kansas State University
      • University of Kansas
      • Emporia Kansas State College
    • In the areas of counseling, career education, instruction and administration and drug abuse education.

      Biofeedback Training
      • NSF Chautauaqua type short courses with Thomas Budzynski, University of Colorado Medical Center.
      • Menninger Foundation Workshops with Elmer Green and Dale Walters.
      • Kansas State University Workshops with Dave Danskin.
      • Member of Biofeedback Society of America, Biofeedback Society of Missouri and Biofeedback Society of Kansas.
      • Prairie View Mental Health Center - Holistic Health (From Stress to High Level Wellness).
      • K.U. Medical Center - John Basmajian - EMG and Single Motor Unit Firing.
      • B.S.A. Workshop - Judith Green and Robert Shellenberger - Biofeedback and Psychotherapy.
      • Workshops with Stephen Appelbaum, Fowler Jones, Rose Gladden, Ashley Clack and Doug Boyd.
      • PPC Medical Associates - Biofeedback and Blood Pressure Control - 1-year training program - Baptist Medical Center - Bowen White, M.D., Pat Norris and Steven Fahrion from Menninger Foundation.
      • Physicians Pain Center - St. Joseph Hospital - Gregori Pucci, M.D.
      • Stress Management For Professionals - Dr. Bee Epstein - Career Track, Inc.
      • Addictive Personalities and Behavioral Excesses - Albert Ellis Workshop.
      • Stress and Disease-Mind Master Seminars-Who Gets Sick and Who Stays Well-M.

        Meaney-McGill University

  2. Professional Experience (1963 - Present)
    • Kansas City Kansas Public Schools
      • Teacher - Seventh Grade World Geography - 4 years
      • Counselor - Junior High School - 2 years
      • Vice-Principal - Junior High School - 2 years
    • University of Missouri at Kansas City
      • Director of Student Activities - 1 year
    • Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC)
    • Counselor and Instructor of Human Relations Classes and Biofeedback Training for Development of Stress Coping Skills - 29 years
    • Retired 7/1/2001

  3. Workshop and Seminar Training Background
    • Transactional Analysis Training
    • Parent Effectiveness Training
    • Biofeedback Training
    • Assertiveness Training
    • Gestalt Dream Workshops
    • Rational-Emotive Therapy Training
    • Auto-Hypnosis Training
    • Criminal Justice Group Training
    • Group Treatment
    • Acupuncture as a Healing Art
    • Stress and Nutrition
    • Blood Pressure Control

  4. Present Involvements
    • Practicing Psychotherapist-Combined Health Care Professionals.(2007)
    • Directing Program in Biofeedback Training at KCKCC.
    • Regular member in Clinical Training of International Transactual Analysis Association.
    • Instructor of Human Relations Classes using Transactional Analysis and Gestalt experiments at KCKCC.
    • Member of counseling staff at KCKCC.(retired 7/1/07)
    • Conducting faculty and staff in-service seminars at KCKCC.(2007)
    • Producing audio and video tapes for use in Biofeedback Training and Educational Cable TV and telecourses.
    • Community in-service workshops for business, helping professionals and state and city agencies. Dealing with stress reduction and development of stress coping skills.
    • Adjunct faculty with Ottawa University teaching graduate and undergraduate (2007)courses dealing with Holistic Health and Biofeedback.
    • Physicians Pain Center - St. Joseph Hospital.
    • Blood Pressure control groups - Counseling center for Human Development.

  5. Meet The Workshop Leader
    • Gary Green, M.S. - Licensed professional counselor and biofeedback specialist, has been a counselor for the Kansas City Kansas Community College for the past 29 years (RETIRED 2001) and was selected as the 1988
    • "OutstandingCounselor of the Year" by the Kansas Association for Counseling and Development. Gary has conducted workshops on stress reduction and development of stress coping skills for numerous organizations, including colleges, private and public sector organizations and agencies, and the Kansas City Royals. He has been a featured guest on local television talk shows, news reports, and cable television health programs. Reiki Master & Karuna Reiki Master Currently teaching at Ottawa University K.C. & Health Provider at Combined Health Care Providers (C.H.P.C.).
    • Training in other Energy Medicine modalities: Biofeedback,Yoga, N.S.A. (Network Spinal Analysis) Hypnosis, QiGong (breath work)

  6. Workshops Given
    • KCK Police Department - In-service stress management for 350 officers.
    • Kansas City National Council on Alcoholism - Alcohol Service Providers.
    • Northeast Youth Alternative Center.
    • Staff Burn-Out and Renewal Workshop.
    • KCKCC Faculty In-Service Workshop - Stress Reduction in the Classroom.
    • KCKCC Baseball, Golf, and Track teams - Relaxation and Stress Coping Skills to improve athletic skills.
    • Continuing Education Workshops given three (3) times a year.(Fall, Spring and Summer) Biofeedback and Stress Coping Skills.
    • Advertising and Marketing Executive Club.
    • William Jewell College - Faculty In-Service Stress Workshop.
    • Argentine Youth Services - Stress Reduction for Houseparent of Group Homes.
    • Human Relations Department, City of Kansas City, KS - Stress Reduction for Directors and Middle Managers.
    • Life Enrichment for Senior Citizens - How to cope with stress.
    • Bethany Medical Center - Staff In-Service workshop on Stress Coping Skills and Lifestyle Strategies for Change.
    • Village United Presbyterian Church - Adult Education Class - Biofeedback and Stress Coping Skills.
    • KCK Fire Department - Biofeedback and Stress Coping Skills for Fire Officers.
    • Biofeedback and Biofeedback and improving Baseball Skills - Steve Braun and KC Royals Baseball Skills.
    • Stress Coping Skills for Little League coaches and How To Use Visualization to Improve Baseball Skills.
    • Atonement Lutheran Church - Biofeedback, Stress Prevention and Holistic Health Care.
    • I.W.P.A. Word Process System, Incorporated. Stress and the Businessman How to Cope.
    • Myron Dental Lab Technicians - Dealing with Stress and Developing Coping Skills.
    • Grace Lutheran Singles - How to Cope with Stress and Live Longer.
    • The Village Church Singles - Biofeedback and Preventative Health Care.
    • Myron Dental Lab - Dentists - Biofeedback and Stress Reduction for Patient Care.
    • C.E.T.A. - Stress Management for Executives.
    • Spinoff International - Biofeedback and Holistic Health Care.
    • Optimists' Club - Biofeedback and Stress Management.
    • City of Springfield - Department of Human Resources - Stress Management Workshop for all personnel.
    • Women's Council of Realtors - Stress Management Skills for a changing world.
    • Kansas City Association of Holistic Health - Biofeedback and Preventative Health Care.
    • Jefferson County North High School - Biofeedback and Stress Coping Skills.
    • Adult Education - Wyandotte County ABE/GED Cluster - Understanding the Adult Learner using Transactional Analysis and Biofeedback.
    • Central Christian Church - Northwestern Singles - Biofeedback and Holistic Health.
    • The Art of Healing with Doug Boyd - Weekend Workshop at KCKCC.
    • Johnson County Garden Club - Biofeedback and Holistic Health.
    • Health Professionals Workshop - Biofeedback and Holistic Health.
    • Butler Manufacturing Company - Biofeedback and Stress Management for Shop Foremen and Plant Managers.
    • School of Nursing - UMKC - Alternative Management Strategies in Pain Control using Biofeedback.
    • Career Management Center of K.C. - Stress Management for the Education Professional.

  7. Television Appearances
    • Biofeedback Close Up: Walt Bodine with Gary Green - KBMA TV (1977) 30 minutes.
    • Chuck Davis interviews Gary Green on Biofeedback - KCMO TV (1977) 8 min.
    • Glen Hansen Mid-Day News with Gary Green - WDAF TV (1977) 7 min.
    • Kaleidoscope Program: Tony DeHaro with Gary Green - Biofeedback - KMBC TV (1978) 10 min.
    • Target Biofeedback: Gary Green and Dick Wall - KBMA TV (1977) 30 min.
    • Karen Kelly interviews Gary Green on Biofeedback - KMBC TV (1978) 10 minutes.
    • Glen Hansen - Six and Ten o’clock News - Interviews Gary Green on Stress Management Workshop for the KCK Police Department - KMBC TV (1979) 7 minutes.
    • Chuck Davis - Noon news - Gary green and Biofeedback - KCMO TV (1980) 5 min.
    • Gene Fox - Gary Green and Steve Braun of the KC Royals using biofeedback for improving baseball skills - KCMO TV (1980) 5 min.
    • Around Town - Ann Debus interviews Gary Green on Biofeedback and Holistic Health - (1981) 30 min.
    • American Cablevision - Health/Medical Channel 30, Weekly (M-W-F) at 8:00 p.m. - Biofeedback and Holistic Health (1982).
    • Wyandotte Cablevision Civic TV - Telecourse Channel 19 (T-Th) weekly, 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. - Biofeedback and Holistic Health (1982).
    • Biofeedback and Holistic Health - Telecable of Johnson County - Biofeedback and blood pressure control with Ann Debus. (1984).
    • American Cablevision - Psychic Voyages with David Schneider (1985).
    • KMBZ - Mid-day report with Don Burley, Biofeedback Commandments For Stress Management. (1985).
    • American Cablevision - Kansas City Live with Bill Norton - Biofeedback and Stress Management. (1989)
    • KHSB TV 41 - Biofeedback and Job Burnout - 1992.
    • Prime Time - TV4 - Biofeedback - Blending Traditional and Alternative Medicine - Health Watch (1996).

  8. Professional Certification
    The following certification licenses were renewed
    • Certification in Stress Management Education by Biofeedback. Certification Institute of America - Expiration date June 30, 2008.
    • Registered Professional Counselor Certificate by Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board - State of Kansas - Expiration date January 31, 2009.
    • International Stress Manage Association 2000-2008.

  9. Professional Awards
    • Outstanding Service Award for Faculty 1980.
    • Outstanding Kansas Counselor 1988.
    • Kansas University Certificate of Appreciation for 25 Years Service as Teacher 1990.
    • Kansas University Certificate of Appreciation for Counselor and Community College Articulation for 30 Years 1994.
    • International Stress Management Association Member 1999.