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Drafting (Computer-Aided Design)

Dean:  Dr. Edward Kremer

Program Coordinator:    Roy Gault


The Department of Engineering Technology is committed to meeting the needs of the students who are enrolled in our courses. We are also committed to excellence in teaching.

The Department offers courses in the disciplines of GIS and CAD Drafting. We provide quality transfer courses, general education courses, prerequisites within vocational programs and vocational courses.

All courses within the Department are designed to meet the needs of the students who take them and provide them with the knowledge, ability, skills, and the critical thinking (deductive reasoning) they will need to enter the modern marketplace.

Note: Students should observe the "See course description" footnotes that appear throughout the following program. Many courses in this program have prerequisites or special notes or instructions of importance to students considering enrollment.

Designed to prepare students for a variety of drafting and design positions in business, industry, and government, this program provides instruction in drafting room techniques, procedures, processes, standards, and the care and use of tools and special instruments of the trade. CAD techniques utilizing Windows are emphasized in each course.