It is time for KCKCC’s 3rd Innovation Summit! Don’t miss your opportunity to be KC’s next entrepreneur success story! Pitch your “why didn’t I think of that” idea in front of venture capitalists, investors, other entrepreneurs, and business leaders for the chance to win a portion of the $10,000 State Street Perfect Pitch Award! This event will connect, engage, and grow the innovators and entrepreneurs in our community.

Structure of the competition (subject to change):

There are three chances to qualify for the April 4th State Street Perfect Pitch competition; 1) February 13th, 2014, KCKCC Flint Building, Room 3619B, 2) March 11th, 2014, KCKCC Flint Building, Room 3619B, and 3) March 13th, Emporia State University – KC, 8400 W. 110th St. Suite 150, Overland Park, KS, 66210.

We highly recommend attending the first date if possible; persons may be given the opportunity to tryout again on the second or third dates if not selected at the first tryout. Kansas Small Business Development Center has agreed to allot special attention to those who are trying out. Therefore, critiques will be given after the first tryout, allowing the individual time to get free consulting from Kansas Small Business Development Center between the tryouts to improve the pitch and qualify during tryout two! KSBDC will be at KCKCC to help individuals trying out on February 19th from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, and April 1st from 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm, room 3619B in the Flint Building.

Reserve a spot by calling 913-288-7284 or email

Elevator Pitch Exhibit
Those that qualify for the perfect pitch competition will be allowed to set up an exhibit to share their idea at the Innovation Summit. For 1 hour, attendees to the event (including investors) will walk around to each exhibit with monopoly money. Exhibitors will give their 30 second elevator pitch and attendees will invest their monopoly money to those they are most interested in. The top 6 earners during the 1 hour exhibit in each category (high school and general) will qualify for the State Street Perfect Pitch competition

State Street Perfect Pitch
The top 6 earners at the elevator pitch exhibit in each category (high school and general) will qualify for the State Street Perfect Pitch competition and have the opportunity to perform in front of the judges and a chance to win the following award money:

  1. General Division
    1. $3,000
    2. $1,500
    3. $500
  2. High School Division
    1. 3,000
    2. $1,500
    3. $500

Who Can Pitch?
Anyone who has a “why didn’t I think of that Idea” is allowed to apply. Any affiliation is welcome (no you do not need to be a student at KCKCC). There will be two divisions.

  1. General – Age 19 and above
  2. High School – Age 14-18 (Must be 18 year of age or younger on April 5, 2013)
Pitch Criteria:
Length: Each pitch person will have three minutes (strictly enforced) to be allowed to pitch, following the pitch will be three minutes of questions from the judges to the pitch person and another three minutes for comments and critiques.


  • Does the innovation seem feasible (practical, profitable, meets a demand, reasonable start-up capital)?
  • Is there a clear purpose and motivation for the innovation?
  • Is there support steps helping it succeed?
  • Is there a clear business idea/theme?
  • Are financials addressed (not detailed, but potential investors are available; therefore, please state what financial measures are needed to make the idea a reality)?

Delivery: Was the pitch within the time limit? Was the pitch presented in a professional manner? Were the questions answered clearly?

Award Winner: The winner of the State Street Perfect Pitch will be determined by the five investor judges. The award winner will be announced on KCKCC’s Wyandotte cable television program and released to the news media. The award winner will also receive a monetary award yet to be announced.

Intellectual Property: All people participating in this segment of the summit or who hear the pitches will sign an agreement, promising not to duplicate the idea that is heard.