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KCKCC actively supports workforce development by:

Providing excellent training and education to support the employed, underemployed, and unemployed

Partnering with employers to help them meet their employment needs

Providing consulting services and resources to residents and businesses in our service area.

Contract Training

A full complement of training solutions to meet your business needs is available through KCKCC's Business and Continuing Education Division. Choose from nationally recognized programs that help you create a high- performance workforce, bridge language and cultural barriers, or help your employees overcome the digital divide.

Business Services

Kansas City Kansas Community College is a resource for the community it serves. The Business & Technology team can be a conduit for the business community to use college facilities for training and meeting purposes, improve communication with your Spanish-speaking employees and customers, assess the skill level of your employees for training purposes, and lead your employees through a strategic planning process.

Companies that believe they may be eligible for assistance through one of these grants should contact the Department of Commerce at 785-296-3339.

For facility usage reservations, contract training reservations, or additional information, contact Marisa Gray at (913) 288-7284.


Dr. Marvin Hunt - Dean of Business and Continuing Education
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Marisa Crawford Gray - Business Development Liaison
Phone: (913) 288-7284
Fax: (913) 288-7630
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