The theatre program helps students with a general interest in theatre to interact with people in the working world. Theatre majors should plan their program with the requirements of their selected four-year college in mind

Students who follow the program are assured performance opportunities each semester during the two-year program. Students may apply directly to the department for a scholarship.

Directors Statement

Welcome to the Department of Theatre at Kansas City Kansas Community College. The Department of Theatre is rooted in the liberal arts tradition.

We offer both an Associate of Arts Degree in Acting and an Associate of General Studies in Theatre Technology and Design.

Our exciting, new program is noted for its professional atmosphere, its comprehensive nature, and its close faculty/student working relationship. In the department you'll have the benefits of a small, close-knit program within the environment of a comprehensive, urban community college with courses taught by some of the best professional actors, designers, and technicians in the Kansas City area.

Theatre students are most likely to succeed when they understand completely the theoretical, historical, and practical elements of the theatre. 


August 24th beginning at 2:30pm
Performance Art Center Theatre

Please Prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue, one Broadway-type song. An Accompanist will be provide. Call Backs and dance auditions on August 25. All KCKCC staff and students are welcome to audition.

Anything Goes

by Cole Porter

Cast of Characters

Cast of Characters

(3 female; 4 male)
      Reno Sweeney — a sexy evangelist turned nightclub singer
      Hope Harcourt — a beautiful debutante
      Lord Evelyn Oakleigh — a wealthy Englishman
      Elisha Whitney — a google-eyed tycoon
      Billy Crocker — Whitney’s young assistant
      Moonface Martin — a hapless gangster, Public Enemy No. 13
      Erma — a sexy gangster’s moll

Supporting Roles
  (5 female; 8 male)
      Evangeline Harcourt — Hope’s mother, a widow [non-singing]
      Luke and John — two Chinese converts
      Captain — of the S.S. American
      Purser — aboard the S.S. American
      Purity — Showgirl Angel #1 with Reno’s act
      Chastity — Showgirl Angel #2 with Reno’s act
      Charity — Showgirl Angel #3 with Reno’s act
      Virtue — Showgirl Angel #4 with Reno’s act
      Male Quartet of Sailors
      Assorted Others
      Fred — a bartender
      Henry T. Dobson — a minister
      2 Reporters
      News Photographer
      2 F.B.I Agents
      Old Lady in a Wheelchair
      Various Sailors
      Various Passengers — men and women
      Ship’s Crew — male chorus/dancers
      Ship’s Passengers — men and women, singers/dancers

Anna in the Tropics

by Nilo Cruz


Anna in the Tropics

ANNA IN THE TROPICS is a poignant and poetic play set in Florida in 1929 in a Cuban–American cigar factory, where cigars are still rolled by hand and "lectors" are employed to educate and entertain the workers. The arrival of a new lector is a cause for celebration, but when he begins to read aloud from Anna Karenina, he unwittingly becomes a catalyst in the lives of his avid listeners, for whom Tolstoy, the tropics and the American dream prove a volatile combination.

Cast of Characters


Santiago - Santiago is the owner of the cigar factory and the patriarch in his world. Plagued by gambling troubles, Santiago struggles to protect and provide for his wife and two daughters as well as defend the nature of Cuban tradition in his factory.

Cheché - Santiago's "long-lost" half brother is more interested in modernizing the cigar factory than in stories told by the factory's new lector. His bitterness, stemming from the fact that his wife left him, is dangerous to everyone in the play.

Ofelia - In Ofelia exists a rare combination of passion and common sense. As Santiago's wife and the matriarch of the factory, she keeps her family from falling apart with a strong and loving touch.

Marela - The youngest child of Ofelia and Santiago, Marela is fresh-faced and innocent and allows herself to believe whole-heartedly in the romance of Anna Karenina. Her naivete leaves her vulnerable, however, when she is around those who see the world in a darker way.

Conchita - Marela's older sister finds new life through the lector and his reading of Anna Karenina. She recognizes the predicaments that Tolstoy's characters face and regards the book as a way to gauge her own life.

Palomo - Conchita's husband is a straightforward man whose machismo has made him take his wife for granted until she awakens jealousy within him.

Juan Julian - Juan Julian is the sensitive lector who captivates the dreamers in Santiago's factory and who spreads his own passion for romance and language to those who will embrace it. Ironically, his fair and pleasant-spirited nature brings out intense emotions in all those around him.


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