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Hola! Bonjour!  Thank you for considering our institution for your foreign language education. Studying foreign languages is not just good for your intellectual development; it is good for your career.

KCKCC strives to be academically distinctive by recognizing the connection between foreign languages and career education. Foreign Language communicative and cultural skills will suit those students whose future endeavors will have them working with a non-English speaking population, be it in the health services, education, social services, counseling, journalism, to name just a few. Students who successfully complete our courses, in either Spanish or French, will have also developed empathy for non-native speakers of English, having undergone a similar experience while learning a second language.

Our dedicated faculty strives to create a friendly and exciting learning environment that challenges students by stimulating their curiosity and their desire to learn a new language. Foreign language courses are offered at the KCKCC main campus and the Pioneer Center in Leavenworth. Students with 3 or more years of study are encouraged to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam to determine proper placement in the sequence. Heritage Spanish speakers are encouraged to take this exam. 

We also provide an opportunity to earn college credit by examination. Please contact me if you have questions, need assistance, or would like more information; call 913-288-7382 or email me at

Wish you all the best!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is tutoring available for foreign language courses?


Tutoring is available through the Learning Services located in the Learning Commons. 

If you are taking classes at the Leavenworth Center and desire assistance, please fill out a tutorial request form at the main desk.

Q. Can accommodations can be made for students with disabilities?
A. Yes.
However, these are reserved for students with documented disabilities who have registered with the Disability Services.  Please contact Disability Services as early as possible in the semester.

Q. Is it possible to audit a foreign language course?
A. Yes.
However, to gain the most from the experience, you must attend classes regularly and participate in all course activities.  The regular tuition and fee schedule applies.

Additional FAQs for Spanish:

Q. Do I need to take the Spanish placement exam?
A. No.
However, if you have studied Spanish for three or more years in secondary school, it might be beneficial.  Taking the placement exam enables us to enroll you according to your skill level.

Q. Can I obtain college credit for Spanish by examination?
A. Yes.
If you wish to take the examination for credit, please contact the Foreign Language Coordinator.   There is a fee for the examination.

Contact Information

Awilda Haas - Foreign Languages Coordinator

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