Foreign Language Requirements And Options

Studying a foreign language is required of most liberal arts majors and recommended in many vocational areas. As more and more businesses and industries become involved in the international marketplace, students with foreign language skills may well find themselves excelling in the changing economy.

At KCKCC, foreign language courses are infused with cultural content from the humanities and social sciences. By furnishing students with comparative perspectives on history, philosophy, society, and art, foreign language courses contribute significantly to our multicultural awareness and to higher order thinking. Ultimately, this helps hold the human community together, both globally and locally.

Foreign language courses are offered at the KCKCC main campus and the Leavenworth Center. Our college provides academic and conversational instruction in Spanish, French, and Arabic. Furthermore, we offer vocational Spanish courses for nurses, school administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, support staff, child care facility personnel, and law enforcement officials. Tutoring is available through the Academic Resource Center free of charge.

For students with a previous experience in Spanish (middle school and/or high school), KCKCC has a Foreign Language Placement Exam. Students with 3 or more years of study are encouraged to take this test to determine proper placement in the sequence. We also provide an opportunity to earn college credit by examination. For more information, please contact the program coordinator at 913-288-7382.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is tutoring available for foreign language courses?


Tutoring is available through the Academic Resource Center (ARC) located in room 3344 in the Jewell Student. 

If you are taking classes at the Leavenworth Center and desire assistance, please fill out a tutorial request form at the main desk.

Q. Can accommodations can be made for students with disabilities?
A. Yes.
However, these are reserved for students with documented disabilities who have registered with the ARC.  Please contact the ARC as early as possible in the semester.

Q. Is it possible to audit a foreign language course?
A. Yes.
However, to gain the most from the experience, you must attend classes regularly and participate in all course activities.  The regular tuition and fee schedule applies.

Additional FAQs for Spanish:

Q. Do I need to take the Spanish placement exam?
A. No.
However, if you have studied Spanish for three or more years in secondary school, it might be beneficial.  Taking the placement exam enables us to enroll you according to your skill level.

Q. Can I obtain college credit for Spanish by examination?
A. Yes.
If you wish to take the examination for credit, please contact the Foreign Language Coordinator.   There is a fee for the examination.

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