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Brian Bode - Vice President

Welcome to Student and Administrative Services (SAS), the support branch to the academic mission of KCKCC. From the first day you apply to KCKCC until you request your final transcript many years down the road, SAS is your support team. With everything from registration and financial aid to paying your bill, from having a seat to occupy in a safe and clean environment to student clubs and athletics, from wireless internet service to advice and counseling on career paths, SAS is where your support comes from. The rest of this website contains detailed information about the SAS team of Enrollment Management, Student Services, Information Technology, Human Resources, and Financial and Administrative Services. While I doubt that many find SAS a topic extremely fascinating to read about, here are my top 10 things everyone needs to know about this area, and about me, before you get frustrated, angry, or confused.

Brian Bode's Top Ten
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Serving as VP of SAS is an honor for me. I am committed to helping you succeed as a student, making KCKCC a shining star in this community and finally, a place anyone would be proud to attend and graduate from. Stop by and visit any SAS area; they are staffed by dedicated, hard-working employees who know their first job duty is to support the legitimate needs of our student population. You will learn much in your academic career at KCKCC. From SAS, you will learn those intangible skills about dealing with required bureaucracies, time management, self-discipline, patience, respect for others, and doing for yourself instead of waiting for others to help you. These outside-the-classroom learning experiences are the icing on the academic cake you receive at KCKCC.

Contact me when you need to, or if you just want to. I welcome constructive ideas on how we can do our jobs better. Enjoy KCKCC. Learn all you can, inside and outside of the classroom. Be a better citizen because of your experiences here. We believe in "Making Life Better".