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WelcomeWelcome to Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) where we continue to focus our efforts on "Making Life Better" for our students.

There are many pathways to success.  However, one simple pathway to course completion that works well for many students is FAR:

  • Finish assignments before class
  • Actively participate during class and
  • Review notes after class.

At KCKCC, you will meet highly educated, dedicated faculty; energetic, knowledgeable staff; and innovative, articulate administrators.  You will also become acquainted with other students on your KCKCC journey who are fully engaged in completing challenging assignments, preparing thoughtful projects, and experiencing quality learning throughout their stay at the college.  Whether your goal is to transfer to a four-year institution, train for a technical job, upgrade your professional skills, participate in athletics, or add to your list of life-long learning courses for self-fulfillment, Kansas City Kansas Community College is a great choice.

It has been stated that the road to success is paved with good intentions. I challenge you to join me in saying the road to success at KCKCC is paved with possibilities.