Strategic Direction Four

Institutional Effectiveness

Goal 4.1

Strengthen KCKCC Student Learning Outcome Assessment procedure for better student learning outcome results. 


  • Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee draft its own  mission and strategic plan to annually assess the growth of KCKCC's assessment system and resolve any challenges to the continuous improvement of teaching and learning.
  • Develop an assessment system for co-curricular programs
  • Create Student Learning Outcome Assessment Handbook that includes the list of learning outcomes clearly distinguished between course, program, and institutional level and its corresponding assessment plans that are unique to each discipline and program.
  • Report semi-annual student learning outcomes results that include data collected using various tools/methods not limited to Online Competency Index (OCI).
  • Link the assessment of academic and co-curricular operations to the planning and budgeting process.
  • Establish the Center for Teaching Excellence for providing faculty trainings for best practice in classroom assessments.
  • Track the status of KCKCC graduates 


  • Various assessment statistics on course, program, and institution level
  • Number of certificates and degrees awarded
  • Percent of students employed or transferred

Goal 4.2

Enhance college climate that promotes effective and participatory leadership and support collaborative processes that enable KCKCC to fulfill its mission. 


  • Review and re-establish a set of principles that guide the College
  • Develop a collaborative and data driven decision-making model that is used and documented throughout the College
  • Foster campus culture that values collaboration, respects and supports decisions made through collaborative process, and allows employees to express their concerns without fear.
  • Establish a written and formal communication policy for all committees and work groups.
  • Recognize faculty and staff accomplishments regularly
  • Meet and greet for each office area to host an “open house” info session
  • Organize Director and Coordinators Meetings
  • Fill open positions promptly


  • Employee Satisfaction Scores from Campus Climate Survey 
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