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Learn More About Debit Cards

What is a refund
A refund is any money that KCKCC owes you.

Common reasons you may receive a refund include:
Financial Aid overages from
Student Loans
Dropped Classes
Tuition Overpayment

How are refunds handled at KCKCC
KCKCC has partnered with Higher One to provide disbursement services for financial aid and tuition refunds through the KCKCC Debit Card. Students will have more choice in how they receive refund money. The fastest choice for receiving any refund is an Easy Refund to the OneAccount.

How do I choose my refund preference
Every KCKCC student will receive a KCKCC Debit Card in the mail. The KCKCC Debit Card allows you to choose how you would like to recieve any refund money owed to you from KCKCC. Upon recieving your KCKCC Debit Card, visit to activate your refund preference.

To learn more visit:

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