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Online Education

Getting Started in an Online Class

How do I enroll in an online class?

You must be a current or former KCKCC student with a campus User ID and Password to enroll online through WebAdvisor© Enroll On-Line. If you have technical difficulties with WebAdvisor© please contact the Helpdesk, 913-288-7479, and press 2 for assistance with WebAdvisor. Online Education Services will not be able to assist you.

How do I know which online courses must have the instructor's approval to enroll?

The syllabus and Section Information (through WebAdvisor) will indicate that information under "Prerequisites".

If an instructor's approval is required, does the approval have to be in writing before an advisor OR the Admissions office can enroll the student in the course?

Yes, however, an email to Admissions from the instructor will suffice.

How can I get textbooks for my online course?

Visit KCKCC's Bookstore, go to their web site or phone 913-288-7633 to order your textbooks. Be sure to ask the bookstore representative about the class you are taking, some courses require an access code. You must either buy a NEW book that includes an access code, or purchase the access code separately if you buy a USED text. The Bookstore will have the most up-to-date information about required texts. Make sure you identify the course number AND section (e.g. BIOL 0145-08).

How do I get my attendance in an online course verified for financial aid?

Instructors are required to complete an auditors roster to verify attendance.

Since the course is online, can I start the class anytime I want?

No. Classes at KCKCC have a designated start date and end date, just like an on ground class. It is very important to log on to the class as soon as it starts and make sure no technical problems exist. The online course schedule will list the start and end dates of the online classes.

Can I go ahead and get started in a class before the date it's scheduled to begin?

Usually not. Most instructors make the coursework available on the start date of the class.

Can I enroll in a class that has started?

Most classes allow enrollment through the first week UNLESS the enrollment limit is achieved. Once the class reaches the limit and is closed, only the instructor can grant permission to exceed the enrollment. Enrolling in a course a week late is not recommended.

My class hasn't started yet and I'd like to contact my instructor. How do I find out who is teaching the class?

Go to the College Homepage. Select Class Schedules from the Quick Links list. When you locate the course you are taking (check the section number!), your instructor's name will be listed. Then contact your instructor's academic division and ask for his/her contact info. For a list of the divisions, call the campus switchboard, 913-334-1100, or visit the Academics pages.

How do web-enhanced, blended, and online classes differ from each other?

At Kansas City Kansas Community College, a Web-enhanced class requires that 100% of the traditional amount of instruction occurs face-to-face and in class.  However, some assignments are completed via the internet on the college’s learning management system (LMS).

A blended class, on the other hand, requires only some face-to-face classroom instruction meetings (a minimum of 5 hours of classroom time for each 1 credit hour), with the remaining required instruction conducted via the LMS. A blended course essentially splits the required time between on ground instruction and the LMS, resulting in a reduction in the amount of time spent face-to-face in the classroom.

Lastly, an online class is conducted entirely and exclusively via the LMS.
For more information on Blended Courses at KCKCC, please click the Blended Course Guidelines link.