Automotive Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Syllabi

Course Number Course Title Credits CIP Code Syllabus
AHEV0102 Hybrid/ Electric Vehicle Safety for First Responders and Dismantlers 2 47.0614 AHEV0102.pdf
AHEV0203 Basic Hybrid/ Electric Vehicles 3 47.0614 AHEV0203.pdf
AHEV0212 Hybrid/ Electric Vehicle Internal Combustion Engines and Alternate Power 3 47.0614 AHEV0212.pdf
AHEV0222 Hybrid/ Electric Vehicle Transmissions 3 47.0614 AHEV0222.pdf
AHEV0262 Hybrid/ Electric Vehicle Batteries 3 47.0614 AHEV0262.pdf
AHEV0265 Hybrid/ Electric Vehicle Accessories 3 47.0614 AHEV0265.pdf
AHEV0282 Hybrid/ Electric Vehicles Inverters, Converters and Electric Motors 3 47.0614 AHEV0282.pdf

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