Nontraditional Studies is composed of ten (10) programs. 

Each program has regulations and criteria concerning admission and academic credit.

Nontraditional Studies is not a "short-cut" enabling students to avoid attending classes or obtain quick academic credits. Students who qualify for Nontraditional Studies academic credit are unique in their learning and educational experiences.

While the specific components of each program may differ, the following guidelines apply to all programs unless otherwise stated:
  1. Students must be high school graduates, or have passed the GED equivalency test, and be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Students using Nontraditional academic credit to fulfill graduation requirements must complete 15 academic credit hours in residence at the College and maintain a 2.00 grade-point average.
  3. Students must be enrolled and successfully complete other course(s) at the College during the semester they plan to receive Nontraditional academic credit.
  4. Academic credits granted through Non-traditional Studies count towards graduation but are not calculated in a student's grade-point average. The only exception to this rule is for Independent Study.
  5. Students can accumulate no more than 30 credit hours of Nontraditional course work.
  6. To graduate with honors, students can use only 21 hours of Nontraditional academic credit.
  7. Nontraditional Studies (except for Life Experience Learning) can be used to repeat D, F, or W grades.
Requests for Nontraditional credit should be submitted to the Registrar in the Admissions Office, unless stated otherwise in the following program descriptions.
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Departmental Credit by Examination

Life Experience Learning Program

Advanced Standing

Independent Study


DANTES (Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support)

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Advanced Placement Examination (AP)

Certified Administrative Professional Exam (CAP®)

International Baccalaureate Program

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