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Mathematics, Science, and Computer Technology

Dean:  Dr. Edward Kremer
Administrative Assistant:  Sonia Howard
Administrative Assistant:  Lisa Gammon

Biological Sciences/Chemistry/Forensic Science/
Physical Science: 
  Michele Bach
Mission and Purpose

The Division of Math and Science is the most diverse of all the academic divisions. Within this division are the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Physical Science.

The Division has developmental programs in mathematics, biology and chemistry. All our general education courses will transfer to all the major universities, state universities, and the four-year private colleges in Kansas.

The Division of Math and Science supports the mission of the college by providing transfer education, career education, general education, and developmental education in order to meet the needs of students who are enrolled in courses within our Division. The Division is committed to excellence in teaching and learning, provides learning environments that encourage challenging, innovative, and varied programs, teaching methods, delivery systems that enhance student intellectual development to the fullest extent possible and supports the 21st Century Outcomes of the College. All courses within the Division are designed to meet the needs of the students who take them and provide them with the knowledge, ability, skills and the critical thinking (deductive reasoning) they will need to enter the modern market place.

Our faculty are dedicated to their disciplines as well as learning new technologies that will be necessary to educate our diverse student body in the 21st century.